In Da 6ix Flashback



Since we’re buried under snow right now, it seems like a good time to revisit last year’s trip to Toronto. Hit the jump to get a closer look at some photos Trent Barker took and a little insight behind the trip.MERRITT-BrandonBegin-OutsideCrook1

Brandon Begin

While we were waiting for Begin to pull this, GH was rolling a joint on the sidewalk.  A cop drove by, slammed on his brakes and demanded GH tell him what he had in his now clenched fist.  He opened his hand and said, “Joint”.  The cop laughed and said “Oh I thought it was a knife or something”, and then drove off.  Canada <3


Chijioke Okafo

I tagged along with Chij and Navaz in the third seat of his 2-seater Honda to get this one.  Chij had spotted this from a boat out in Lake Ontario and had been dying to ride it.  It’s actually part of an obstacle course despite looking like a perfect vert-wall.  You can see the Police boat in the background coming to have a look.


Greg Henry

GH stood at the top of this rail eyeing up the overgrind for maybe ten minutes while all the cameras got set-up and we waited for a break in traffic.  Everyone gave him the thumbs up and he fired it out first try.  Typical 200lb greasy Italian tank.


Eli Taylor

Big 3 for DWOK.  I can’t remember, but I’m pretty sure Eli celebrated with a cig and a Busch Ice.

MERRITT-GregHenry-CoasterCrook MERRITT-GregHenry-SwitchCoasterCrook

Greg Henry

GH was actually more worried about the regular crook than the other-regular crook.  The Palm Bays helped with both.


Joel Fortin

This kid never stops biking.  He made this look way too easy.


Brandon Begin

I was pretty much straddling Navaz to get this photo.  It’s crazy to see how casual Begin can do these.

In case you missed it, watch the Merritt in da 6ix edit HERE